Marriage proposals in Menton – 6 magic places

Marriage proposals in Menton – 6 magic places

Menton is the ideal place to make a marriage proposal! A city of love, Menton has several magic places that are ideal to slip a ring around the finger of the person you love. Take advantage of your stay at Hotel Menton Méditerranée to celebrate your romance by proposing to your partner in one of the 6 romantic places selected for you!  


1. The Rooftop of Hotel Menton Méditerranée, for its incredible view over Menton

Make your wedding proposal on the rooftop terrace of Hotel Menton Méditerranée with a breathtaking view of Menton. Accompany this exceptional moment with two glasses of champagne and a tapas platter. The hotel staff can help you arrange your incredible proposal in total secrecy.

Continue this wonderful evening by booking a privilege room on the sixth floor with a balcony overlooking the mountains.

Rooftop Quality Hotel Menton Méditerranée
Rooftop Hotel Menton Méditerranée

2. Facing the sea, on Quai Impératrice Eugénie

Located a few minutes on foot from Hotel Menton Méditerranée, Quai Impératrice Eugénie is the ideal place to make your wedding proposal with an exceptional panorama of the sea, the city of Menton and the mountains that protect it. Plan for a bottle of champagne and a romantic picnic on the beach to celebrate this emotional event. 

Quai Impératrice Eugénie - Credit: Amoorinka
Quai Impératrice Eugénie - © Amoorinka

3. Among the exotic plants at the Val Rahmeh Garden

In a lush green setting, the Val Rahmeh Garden possesses numerous species of tropical and subtropical plants. Enjoy the peace and the twitter of the birds for a relaxing and exotic stroll away from the city centre. It is the perfect place for an unforgettable wedding proposal.

Jardin Val Rahmeh - Credit: triplancar
Jardin Val Rahmeh - © triplancar

4. Facing the Saint Michel Archange Basilica at sunset

A sacred place perched on the heights of Menton, the square of Saint Michel Archange Basilica offers a stunning view over Vieux-Menton and the Mediterranean Sea. Take advantage of the sunset to ask for your lover's hand in an incredible setting.

 Square of the Saint Michael Archangel Menton Basilica - Credit: Summer Hotel group
Square of the Saint Michael Archangel Menton Basilica - © Summer Hotel group

5. A private cruise on a boat on the French Riviera

Do things in style! Surprise your loved one by chartering a boat for a day just for you two. Cast off to make your declaration with a magnificent panorama of Menton seen from the sea. A luxury experience that is certain to seduce him or her! There are several boat charter companies in Menton. Ask reception for more information.

Private cruise in yatch Monaco - Menton - Nice
Private cruise in yatch Monaco - Menton - Nice


6. In the Biovès Gardens in the heart of Menton.

Located just two minutes on foot from Hotel Menton Méditerranée, the Biovès Gardens is the ideal place for a fine walk in the open air beneath the orange and lemon trees. Every year, these magnificent gardens host the famous Menton Lemon Festival. Get down on your knee in front of one of the sculptures installed for the occasion for a fragrant YES with the scent of southern citrus.

Menton Lemon Festival - Credit: Summer Hotel group
Menton Lemon Festival - © Summer Hotel group

Menton, the Pearl of France, is the ideal place to propose to the man or woman you love. Now that you know where to do it, take the plunge and make an incredible declaration to the person who is dearest to your heart!