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The Beaches of Menton

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Visiter Menton
Visit Menton

For a distance of 3.2 km, from the Italian border to Roquebrune Cap Martin, the beaches of Menton provide an ideal setting for a day at the seaside. Swimming in Menton is a pure delight, since the beaches are very clean and equipped with showers every 100 metres. You'll have the choice between private beaches and public beaches, and between pebble beaches and sandy beaches – there is really something for everyone! There are two handiplages, beaches adapted to disabled people, so don't hesitate to ask for details at reception.

Beaches are lifeguarded from June to September. Dogs are not allowed on the beaches, except for the beach near the entrance to the Garavan port near the Italian border, which is accessible by a few steps.

The private beaches are on the east coast of Menton, 10 minutes on foot from the Best Western Hotel Méditerranée, between the port of Garavan and the Old Port. With more than ten private beaches, Menton has all you need for a day at the beach. Some beaches even have a private beach for children with games, child-care facilities and an air-conditioned lounge area. So you can go swimming and relax with perfect peace of mind.

Menton Tourism

Menton Destination

Be dazzled by magical Menton, its beauty, climate, parks and, of course, its beaches. Check out our trip ideas and must-see local sites during your stay at the Best Western Hôtel Menton Méditerranée.

Lemon Festival

Each year, during the Lemon Festival, the Best Western Hotel Menton Méditerranée staff don their costumes.

For the three weeks of the Festival, which galvanises the town of Menton, the Best Western Hotel Méditerranée is the only hotel in Menton to bring the party atmosphere inside its walls.

So you are likely to come across princesses and buccaneers during your stay at the Best Western Hotel Menton Méditerranée.

This is an idea that goes down very well with our guests, who come in increasing numbers to the Best Western Hotel Menton Méditerranée for a magical atmosphere and warm welcome.

Hôtel Mediterrannée Menton - Fête du Citron


Exhibition of citrus displays

For the Lemon Festival in Menton, Biovès Park is decked out in orange and yellow citrus colours.

Gigantic decors and displays evoking the masterpieces of the great civilisations, made entirely out of citrus fruits, with some reaching as high as 10 metres.

It takes almost 15 tons of citrus fruit and thousands of hours to make some of the displays.

Just five minutes on foot from the Best Western Hotel Menton Méditerranée, the Biovès Park is open every day during the Lemon Festival.

Gardens of Light

At nightfall, the Biovès Park lights up...
The displays are adorned with light and the night brings all its magic, providing visitors with a whole host of impressions.
The illuminated Biovès Park is open on some evenings only.
For details, contact the Menton Tourist Office or the reception.



Golden Fruits Corso

On Sunday during the Lemon Festival, the town of Menton comes alive, while a large number of visitors gather at the sea front, along the Promenade du Soleil, to experience all the magic of the "Golden Fruit Corsos".
Under a shower of confetti, to the sound of groups playing traditional music, and dancing, everyone gets together to have fun and admire the magnificent citrus fruit floats.
Every Sunday during the Lemon Festival Corsos, "Le Méditerranée" restaurant at the Best Western Hotel Menton Méditerranée offers "Stop Lunch" deals for groups. Information and reservation

Evening Corsos

The Lemon Festival also has Evening Corsos on Thursdays, along the Promenade du Soleil. A party atmosphere with a street performance flavour, including brass bands, dancers and a parade.
At 10 p.m., a big fireworks display can be seen over Menton Bay (subject to conditions).

Hôtel Mediterrannée Menton - Fête du Citron

The biggest events in Menton and Monaco

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Cirque


19-28 january 2024

The International Monte-Carlo Circus Festival brings together 200 artists, 20 troupes, two golden clowns and an exceptional gala, including a grand parade through the town and over 40 000 spectators in ten days!

Organised and presided with great passion by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, this prestigious event awards the much-coveted awards to the circus world each year, and presents a selection of the best acts on the international scene to the public.

Monte Carlo Festival 5, Avenue des Ligures MC 98000 MONACO
Program and reservation :

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Rallye


25-28 january 2024

The Monte-Carlo Automobile Rally is an event that was first held in 1911 to attract a rich clientele to the Principality.

During the Rally, Monaco becomes the focal point for cars setting out from different European cities and making their way towards the Principality.

A chance for visitors to make the most of the mild French Rivieraclimate in winter and enjoy a great car race.

Further information

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Fête du Citron


From February 17 to March 3, 2024

The Menton Lemon Festival is a unique event taking place each year from mid-February to the beginning of March, attracting over 230 000 visitors annually.

During the two weeks of the festival in Menton, you can visit the parks and see the citrus fruit displays, with masterpieces based on the year’s theme reaching up to 10 metres in height.

On some evenings, you can visit the parks with their illuminations.

Every Sunday afternoon during the Lemon Festival, parades of superb and gigantic floats illuminate Menton with their colours while showers of confetti sparkle in the blue sky.

Every Thursday evening, you can watch the magnificent illuminated Corsi (parades) followed by a firework display.

During the Lemon Festival all the staff at the Best Western Hotel Menton Méditerranée wear costumes to bring the party atmosphere inside our hotel!

The Lemon Festival takes place each year at the same time as the Nice Carnival - a chance to enjoy both of these colourful events in the same week.

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Festival des jardins


March/May 2024

The Côte d’Azur, its outstanding climate, coastline and peaks are famous for being heaven for flowers, plants and gardens. The Festival des Jardins de la Côte d’Azur is your place to see pop-up landscape designs and a whole host of entertainment. Visit Menton's incredible parks during your stay to soak up the region's expertise and its beautiful flowers and plants.

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Monte Carlo Rolex Masters


6-14 april 2024

An essential sports highlight in the French Riviera, featuring all the elite in world tennis. The players battle it out in a spectacular setting beside the sea, on the courts of the Monte-Carlo Country Club.

Make sure your book your tickets a few months in advance!
Access: 48 Bld d’Italie. Le Puccini-BP212. MC 98004 Monaco Cedex.

Book your hotel now at the best rate.

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Monte Carlo Rolex Masters


23-26 may 2024

The Monaco Grand Prix is the epitome of a legendary race, which all the drivers on the Principality's race track want to win. It is the slowest and hardest track in the World Formula 1 Championship. The name of the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix will live on in Formula 1 history.

Every 2 years before the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Monaco Historic Grand Prix sees vintage cars roar down the same track.
A great spectacle attracting more and more spectators.

Further information

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Monte Carlo Rolex Masters


June 2024

For over 20 years, Menton has welcomed the finest horses from all over the world each year in June. They all come to compete for the coveted titles of Champions of the Mediterranean and the Arab Countries!

Visitors can see the horses in the horse boxes and talk with the breeders.

Further information

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Festival de Musique


July/August 2024

Since its creation in 1950, the Menton Music Festival has welcomed world-famous musicians in a unique setting, on the magnificent forecourt of Saint Michael's Basilica with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

Every year from the end of July to mid-August, thousands of visitors come to discover the enchantment of music in a unique Baroque decor.

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Monaco Yacht Show


25-28 september 2024

The Monaco Yacht Show is the reference in world sailing exhibitions.
The prestigious worldwide event brings together exceptional super-yachts and mega-yachts.
The exhibition is a unique chance to get a first look at the most beautiful boats in the world.

Port Hercule, Principality of Monaco

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Noël à Menton


December 2023
Come and celebrate Christmas in Menton!

During the festive season, a magic atmosphere descends over the streets of Menton from mid-December to Epiphany. Here you can experience the enchanting decorations, a skating rink, a Christmas market and a large number of street events and activities based around a new theme each year.
You can discover the Town of Menton in a completely new light!

There are surprises and entertainment galore at the Best Western Hôtel Menton Méditerranée throughout December.

Hotel Mediterrannée Menton - Visiter Monaco

Visit Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is half way between Nice and the Italian border, and just 10 km from Menton.

This luxury enclave on the French Riviera not only enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, but also, thanks to its history and prestigious events, attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world.

When you stay at our 3-star hotel in Menton, you can enjoy all the advantages of Monaco, less than 20 minutes away, without having to pay the Principality's prices.

Hotel Mediterannée Menton - Arrière Pays Mentonnais


During your stay in Menton, at the 3-star Best Western Hotel Méditerranée you will have a chance to visit some of the beautiful villages in the vicinity.

Only a few dozen kilometres away, with breathtaking views over the  Mediterranean Sea, the history, culture and beauty of the hillside villages near Menton have always attracted visitors from all over the world.

Hotel Mediterannée Menton - Italie


Visit the Italian Riviera close to Menton, while enjoying all the comfort and quality of French hotel services.