The 5 top specialties of Menton

The 5 top specialties of Menton

Traditional jams, lemon oil, Limoncello... Discover local products made in true Menton tradition: this place is mad about lemons! Hotel Méditerranée Menton offers you a quick glimpse of Menton's top 5 specialties, perfect gifts to bring home!

1- Lemons of Menton

Lemons of Menton

The oranges and lemons of Menton, known as "fruits d'or" (golden fruit), have played an important part in Menton's history.

Unrivalled and incomparable, the Menton lemon has a mild taste, with intense aromas and moderate acidity. In 2015, it gained the European classification of "Protected Geographical Indication" (PGI). 60 tons of lemons are produced each year in the Menton region by 12 citrus fruit growers. You can buy Menton lemons at any of the fresh food stalls in town. During your stay in Menton, make sure you go and see the superb lemon trees in the gardens of "La Citronneraie", grown by François Mazet, a local citrus fruit grower. Listed as a "Remarkable Garden" since 2008, "La Citronneraie" plunges you into the exotic world of French Riviera gardens.

La Citronneraie
69, corniche Tardieu, 06500 Menton
06 80 26 52 24

2 - Homemade lemon and orange jams

Menton jams
Menton jams, mainly made of citrus fruits, come in a variety of flavours and blends: lemon-lavender, sweet orange, fig-orange blossom, etc.
You can buy the best Menton jams at the Maison Herbin shop just a few metres from the Hotel Méditerranée Menton. Made in the good old-fashioned way since 1975, just like grandma used to do it, Herbin jams are cooked and simmered in small quantities. Very popular with our customers, these traditional jams are served every morning at Hôtel Méditerranée Menton for breakfast.

Maison Herbin offers guided tours of its workshop so you can discover how the jams are made.

Maison Herbin
2, rue Palmaro, 06500 Menton
+33 (4) 93 57 20 29.

3 - Lemon-based aperitifs

Lemon-based aperitifs
The Menton lemon can also take the form of an aperitif: a wine or a craft beer. It's the perfect way to share your love of Menton lemons when you get home !
  • Menton lemon wine : aperitif made by macerating Menton lemons and spices in wine. This lemon wine is best served cold, and works well on any occasion, whatever the season.
  • Orange wine : a variation of the Menton lemon wine, this time macerating Menton oranges and spices.
  • Limoncello beer : Limoncello craft beer from Menton, a very refreshing blend that'll give you lots of energy.

You'll find all these refreshing aperitifs at the shop "Au Pays du Citron" in the city centre, where you can also go for a gourmet walking tour.

Au pays du citron
24, rue Saint Michel06500 Menton
Tel. : +33 (0)4 92 09 22 85

4 – Limoncello

Menton Limoncello

The famous Menton Limoncello is a liqueur of Menton lemons that's best served ice-cold. Treat your taste-buds to a veritable journey into the heart of Menton’s lemons. Subtly blending the zesty freshness of lemons with the earthy authenticity of the Menton region, Limoncello can be served as an aperitif or a kir. It can also be used in fruit salad and sweet cake recipes. Limoncello is easy to find here, as it's sold in many of the city's shops: or you can buy it from "Au Pays du Citron", the very first shop-workshop to make this Menton liqueur, located on the pedestrian street.

Au pays du citron
24, rue Saint Michel06500 Menton
Tel.: +33 (0)4 92 09 22 85

5 – Olive oil

© Eric Ottino


The Mediterranean is famous for its olive oil, the perfect condiment for seasoning your dishes and giving them that special sun-kissed flavour. Huilerie Saint Michel in Menton is a family business that produces high quality olive oil, thanks to unique savoir-faire passed down through 4 generations. Located just a few steps from the basilica it's named after, Basilique Saint-Michel, the Huilerie makes flavoured olive oils by infusing the oil with the best varieties of plants, freshly picked every day, or with Menton citrus fruits.

Huilerie Saint Michel
5 Rue de Bréa, 06500 Menton
+33 (0)4 93 35 71 04

5 suggestions for a culinary souvenir with which to remember your trip in Menton… Take a little sunshine home, and treat yourself and your friends to an exotic taste sensation !